DIY: Room Makeover – Filling Holes & Getting Supplies

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover Graphic 2

Hey guys 👋 welcome to the 2nd blogpost as part of my DIY series 🔨 I thought it’ll be much easier to read & follow these if I divide them up into weekly posts 🗓 rather than writing a 10,000 word post with 60 odd pictures 😅. This way they won’t get too long & hopefully no one will lose interest either 👀. I think there’ll be roughly 10 posts in this series & I’m PLANNING to post them every Tuesday at 7pm, but life can get in the way so bear with me if they don’t go up as planned 🙈. To read lasts week’s posts & see the STATE I got the room in click here 😷 prepare yourself though cause you are NOT 🙅 ready.

Fill it up

The first thing I did was go around the entire room & fill up all the little (some large) holes that had been left in the walls from mounting & screws…

At first I wasn’t doing a very neat job as I was using a bit of toilet roll to smooth out the surface 😅  but cause the tissue was so soft it was picking up more Pollyfilla than I would’ve liked it to, as I actually needed some to stay inside the holes 🙄. I soon realised I had to switch things up so I went downstairs to the kitchen & got this pizza slice 🍕 lifter thing (I think its a pizza slice lifter thing? If you know what its called let me know in the comments! 👇)

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 19

This little tool made life so much easier 🙌 (P.S I’m fully aware that you can buy one of those scraper things from the shops to smooth out the surface but I totally forgot to pick one up 🙄 & I didn’t wanna go back to get one IF I could make-do with something already at home). I also forgot to take a picture of the Polyfilla tub… damn it 😓. BTW take a good look around this grubby window guys cause ya know I had to clean that up too 😏

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 16

I managed to take out all of these screw stabilising things from the walls but this one just didn’t wanna come out 😤 the frustration was real! It was lodged in so deep I ended up just leaving it in there but I did use a hammer 🔨 to push it as far in the wall as it could go, so I could eventually paint a smooth layer over it.

The Supplies

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 20

I ended up going for this paint 👆 partly cause its called “White Mist” & I just loved the sound of it & partly cause I knew I wanted something white to create a brightening effect in the room, as the room is quite small, but I also knew that I didn’t want a pure white so this seemed like a good option ☺️. If you havnt seen the room yet make sure to check out this post but heres a little peak of what I’m dealing with 👇

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 8

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 14

Here is a very bad flat-lay 📸 of some things that I picked up, I didn’t really need all these cleaning supplies to be honest, but I just have a thing for anything that says “antibacterial” on it, somehow they just end up in my shopping basket 😅. Also here’s a close up of the tester pots I picked up for the skirting board, another one I MAY (👀) have picked up purely for the name 🙈 “Dove Grey”

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 27

I don’t know if there are specific types of paints that you’re supposed to use on skirting boards, I mean now that I’m thinking about it 🤔 I’m sure there are but hey if it does the job then who cares. This post is getting a tad long, so I’ll stop here for now!

Thank you…

…for reading today 💙 If you’ve enjoyed this post then please let me know & give it a like 😉 also make sure to stay around (or just check back EVERY TUESDAY 7pm 🗓 for the next post in my DIY series, where we’ll start painting *woohoo*  …you know you wanna see how I made my bedroom pinterest-worthy 😏. P.S if you’d like to see me blog about something specific then let me know down below in the comments! I’m always open to a conversation (cause I just love chatting 😅) aaaaand lastly to stay up to date hit the FOLLOW button ☺️

Love, Kimmiee.

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