DIY: Room Makeover – Painting & Ripping carpet

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover Graphic 2

Hey guys 👋 welcome to the 3rd blogpost as part of my DIY series 🔨 I thought it’ll be much easier to read & follow these if I divide them up into weekly posts 🗓 rather than writing a 10,000 word post with 60 odd pictures 😅. This way they won’t get too long & hopefully no one will lose interest either 👀. I think there’ll be roughly 10 posts in this series & I’m PLANNING to post them every Tuesday at 7pm, but life can get in the way so bear with me if they don’t go up as planned 🙈. To read lasts week’s post & see what I got up to click here.

Lets get painting 🖌

YAAAY! The time is finally here, in last weeks post I showed you guys what paint I’m gonna be using so if you wanna see which one it is head over to this post, also can we just take a moment to appreciate my skills here 😂… I mean I’m not a professional or anything but I’m proud of myself for coming up with this 👇

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 23

Tape it up

As you can see, I say that when probably you can’t see as the masking tape is like the same colour of the wall 🙄 but I taped the edges of the radiater, plug sockets, skirting board & ceiling. This is a simple but very important step guys! Never skimp on the masking tape 🙅. Its so important to make sure you apply the tape in a clean straight line… as I learned the hard way 😓… your finishing touches really depend on it!

Pro tip – use a wooden spoon to mix the paint around in the tin to ensure an even coat!

From the outside in

After taping I basically went around the edges of each wall using the paint brush I bought, I feel like this was such a perfect width for me to use as it made sure the rollers wouldn’t scratch the edge of the next wall (if you’ve used rollers before you’ll know exactly what I mean here 😅). This brush was also extremely useful for going around the plug sockets, light switches, door frame & ceiling etc. & I highly recommend getting this size brush. To see which paintbrush I’m using head over to this post.

Look at that 👌

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 22

So here’s one wall done ✔ you go Kimmiee 🏃… just look at that crazy difference from that old, dusty magnolia to this beautiful white mist 😍

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 27

You guys have probably seen this wall so many times now & if you feel like you havnt then thats cause you don’t recognise it! This is actually the same wall 👇

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 8

How beautiful does it look now, no longer mucky looking yay! AND this is one coat guys. ONE coat. Highly recommend the paint I’m using 🙌

Rip it up

Ok lets get to the next big thing y’all have been waiting for… the floor! So after I did my 1 coat over the ceiling & the walls I decided its about time to rip up the carpet. My mother actually did this for me so I didnt get any pictures! She said she used a knife 🗡 to cut through one part of the carpet & then used a scissor to cut through it ✂️, piece by piece she cut each bit of carpet out & I was left with…

The Typical beauty Blog Room Makeover DIY 43

You can literally see that ring from where my brothers computer chair used to be 😆.

The next step

The next thing was to get in a professional to lay down the flooring I had chosen, which is the White Laminea Oak from Homebase (you know you wanna check it out now don’t ya 👀) . I really liked the subtle grey tint to this wooden flooring & just knew it would go SO well with the colour scheme of my room & look especially awesome against the colour I’ve chosen for my skirting board (to find out which colour that is head over to this post. Thats all for today guys so…

Thank you…

…for reading today 💙 If you’ve enjoyed this post then please let me know & give it a like 😉 also make sure to stay around (or just check back EVERY TUESDAY 7pm 🗓 for the next post in my DIY series, where we’ll start painting *woohoo*  …you know you wanna see how I made my bedroom pinterest-worthy 😏. P.S if you’d like to see me blog about something specific then let me know down below in the comments! I’m always open to a conversation (cause I just love chatting 😅) aaaaand lastly to stay up to date hit the FOLLOW button ☺️

Love, Kimmiee.

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