DIY: Room Makeover – Dampness, Paint Problems & Trim Lines

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Hey guys 👋 welcome to the 4th blogpost as part of my DIY series 🔨 I thought it’ll be much easier to read & follow these if I divide them up into weekly posts 🗓 rather than writing a 10,000 word post with 60 odd pictures 😅. This way they won’t get too long & hopefully no one will lose interest either 👀. I think there’ll be roughly 10 posts in this series & I’m PLANNING to post them every Tuesday at 7pm, but life can get in the way so bear with me if they don’t go up as planned 🙈. To read lasts week’s post & see what I got up to click here

The Flooring!

I feel like getting the flooring put in was genuinely the most exciting part of the entire process. To begin with he put in an underlay (which I’m sure is pretty standard? 🤔) then he slotted in/sawed down to size each individual bit of flooring (they come in strips) & then he nailed in the white trim line 🔨 This is what it looked like when he left 👇

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 28


Pro tip – ALWAYS get a trim line. I wasn’t aware of trim lines before this DIY project but they cover up the 0.5mm gap between the slats & the skirting 🙌



The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover



I realise this picture 📸 is from before the flooring but I forgot to take one after the floor got put it! I just got straight to cleaning cause I knew that once the flooring went in it was time to deal with the skirting boards. I waited up until now to do them as I didn’t know how much room the trim line would take. Just look at how GRIMEY they were? YUCK 😷. They accumulated so much dust over the years it was like glue, just stuck to the skirting board so I got some antibacterial wipes and scrubbed all the dirt of before beginning to paint.

Damp problems?

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover


I completely forgot to mention the ceiling, or did I? hmmm 🤔 but yeah I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture but the ceiling above the window looked slightly dark, like there was damp or something so when I painted the ceiling I made sure to do an extra nice layer over this part in comparison to the rest of the ceiling where 1 thin coat looked fine. For the ceiling I legit just used a long roller on a stick, I believe that is what it was actually called 😅. It had an adjustable length so it was handy 🙌

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover

Paint problems

I wasn’t really too bothered about choosing different types of paints for different areas but I soon realised that the grey paint wasn’t applying as smoothly on the skirting board as I would have liked. This being due to the fact that the board had a varnished finish in comparison to the walls which obvs didnt. At this point I realised it would have been better to check what type of paint I was picking up as an oil-based paint would’ve worked easier on the skirting? WHO KNOWS? I DON’T? DO YOU? anyhoo I ended up doing 8 coats over the skirting to get this finish 👇

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover Post 29

How good does this look though?! I really wanted to change the plug sockets & light switches but that required so much effort & calling in an electrical so I didn’t bother

Get on the floor yo

The most important step in achieving a clear grey line was to TAPE WITH PRECISION. Not even gonna lie guys I was so scared of this part as the grey had to make sure to not drip down onto the white trim line & not be a messy wobble from the top where it touches the wall. I took a good hour lying down on the floor to tape the skirting at eye level & my cute nephew was helping me along too haha. Ok how does my post always end up so long? Till next time guys

Thank you…

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Love, Kimmiee.

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