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Welcome to The Typical Beauty Blog, where you’ll find just about anything & everything related to makeup 💄, skincare & even some haircare! I started this blog to have a little space of the blogosphere 🌍 where I could share my thoughts 💭 on products which I’ve tried & tested as well as sharing my personal beauty tips/hacks with you guys. If that wasn’t enough, every Sunday I post a specific skincare related post as part of my blog series SkinLovin’ Sundays in which I focus less on products but more on advice in general! So keep an eye out 👀 to learn some amazing things!

Oops I didn’t even introduce myself 🙈 I’m Kimmiee & I’m your typical 20 something year old who has always shown an interest in all things beauty related. I love cats 🐈, being by the seaside 🌊 & emojis! (if you hadn’t guessed haha 😅) …& yeah I always laugh at my own jokes, which I’m constantly being told aren’t funny but hey if we can’t laugh at ourselves how are we supposed to enjoy life? Am I right?! I’m a big believer in vibes & that positivity attracts positivity ✨. Lastly, one day I’d love to travel the world 🙏

I hope you have fun reading my posts as much as I like writing them 💙

Love, Kimmiee.

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