Book Review: A Captivating Thriller


Hey guys  I hope you’re all having a lovely, lazy & snuggly Sunday. Todays post is all about this really exciting book  that I finished reading the other day. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (which you should be ) you’ll have seen me “Insta-storying” it frequently.

Title: “Last Seen Alive”

Author: Claire Douglas

Genre: Suspense. Thriller

Pages: 394



From the get-go by reading the prologue you feel like you’re part of the scene, the author has taken great attention to detail to make you feel like you were part of it, that you were part of the murder. A witness, perhaps. But I was left guessing whose murder it was, because although it seems straightforward; “was I seen killing my husband?” you don’t actually know who killed her husband & who her husband was. 


To begin with the reader is off to Cornwall with Jamie & Libby Hall, the seemingly lead characters. They’re on their way to carry out a house swap, an idyllic setting… the house on the beach, waves crashing in . Secluded. Libby thinks its just what they need. Their marriage seems vulnerable from the start; here’s the opening paragraph:

*Spoiler alert*

Jamie twists the dial on the radio up to full volume so we can hear the stone roses over the wind whistling past our ears. He looks like one of those nodding dogs as he moves his head to the music.

“God, I love this song”

“You don’t say,” I tease, and then grimace when he starts singing along.

He notices. “What? I was the lead singer in a band when I was eighteen.” But he squeezes my thigh, a playful gesture that shows me he’s not offended. “You could’ve been our groupie.”

Im tempted to remind him that he was with hannah then. She would have been his groupie.

Before they even get to their destination we’re told about a miscarriage, but when Libby was questioned by someone & returned to tell Jamie about it he grew visibly agitated. It made me suspicious . Of him. Did he do something to Libby? Was he the reason for the miscarriage?


Hannah’s character comes into play & the reader feels empathy towards Libby, maybe she is not paranoid after all. Maybe its Jamie who is either oblivious or extremely sly. Suspicions jump back & forth between Hannah & Jamie. Maybe Hannah does want Jamie back, maybe she is the reason for the events that occurred in Cornwall. Maybe she’s the one that wanted someone dead? Then comes along a completely different twist. Maybe none of this has anything to do with Hannah or Jamie? Maybe its just a simple straight forward case of identity fraud? The reader doesn’t ponder long on that thought before a body is found . But is it the same body from the prologue? or is it a different one?


Part 2 is where things take a turn, we’re introduced to Karen Fisher. The author uses a very clever switch in narrative throughout this part, but the reader is unaware… at this point. Without ruining too much I’ll say that Part 2 introduced another character that I suspected. Could this fourth character be  linked to the things happening to Libby? I think the most applaudable twist is the one that lingers around in the entire book, oblivious to the reader up until they get to that point. The point where things start making sense. You think you know a character. But you don’t. Not really. Thailand was the pivotal point of the book for me. It helped me understand, what the prologue was about & who the lead character actually was.

*Spoiler alert*

I’ve been so desperate to hurt her, to punish her, but now that Im here, now that I’ve ruined her relationship and her career it all feels so… so anti-climatic.


Then there’s Part Three. Set in Bath. but I’ll let you have a read of that yourself. Let me just leave you with this thought…

“Consequences. We can’t escape them”


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