Book Review: A captivating Thriller

Hey guys 👋 I hope you're all having a lovely, lazy & snuggly Sunday. Todays post is all about this really exciting book 📖 that I finished reading the other day. If you've been following me on Instagram (which you should be 😜) you'll have seen me "Insta-storying" it frequently. Title: "Last Seen Alive" Author: Claire Douglas Genre: [...]

25 things I CANT stand 😤

Hey guys 👋 I'm back again with another blogpost woohoo 💃 I'm like on a blogging roll atm & I hope it doesn't end haha 😅 Today's post is gonna be slightly different to my usual beauty post as I'm gonna be talking all about my pet peeves... things I just absolutely cannot stand. That being said I'm [...]

NORDSTROM wishlist 🤑

Hey guys 👋 in my Six months down ✔️ 6 to go post I mentioned that I came across a website called NORDSTROM, which I'm guessing is a huge department style store like the equivalent of hmmmm 🤔 House of Fraser in the UK? (let me know if I'm on the right path here guys 👇) I asked if anyone [...]

Tiny Tea Teatox 🍵

Hey guys 👋 ITS HERE 😱 I'm talking about my review of the Tiny Tea Teatox 🍵 , when I posted pictures of my teacup drinking the herbal stuff on Instagram & Twitter a few people commented saying they can't wait to read my review. I have to say that this wasn't the first time I was [...]

The Best of Netflix 📺

Hey everyone 👋 since I spend around 65% of my week on Netflix (I know thats sounds so bad & unproductive 🙈) I thought why not share my favourite series 📺 with you guys! if any of you are stuck on what to switch to next, because you're like me & continuously run out of [...]

Travel Wishlist – The Bucket List Edition

Hey everyone 👋 this post is a little bit different from what I normally post as it has nothing to do with skincare, make up or other things related to beauty💄... but like my tagline says 👆 this blog has 'a little bit of everything' so without further ado scroll down to have a look [...]

Re-piercing a piercing?! OUCH

Hey guys 👋 Have any of you ever been in this situation where you've taken out your piercings for quite some time, longer than you'd hoped & then when you finally put them back inside the hole it. just. doesn't. fit. 😰 ...yeah this is what I'm going through atm 😵 It is actually such a [...]

FAD: New Years Resolutions.

Hey guys👋 Lets get right to it Somehow every conversation with just about anyone tends to lead to the question: "So what are your New Years resolutions" Am I right? Personally I don't enthuse New Years resolutions as I believe that at the point you decide to do something for yourself👔, health🙏 or love life💕 related it should [...]

Two Thousand Seventeen

Hey everyone👋 Its the start of a New Year 🎇, lets make it a good one. Firstly, let me just say... I know I haven't posted since August 20th🗓... daaaaamn that seems like such a long time ago! ...So much has happened since then... I travelled a little bit🌍, my sisters wedding👰 took place, I've been house hunting🏡...So [...]