Real Techniques: The Essentinal Eye Kit

Hey guys I hope you’re all having a lovely day, I’m currently sat on my bed aka my office drinking some salted caramel coffee  & loving life. Todays post is all about The Starter Set from Real Techniques – if you’ve been reading The Typical Beauty Blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve also written a post on The Core Collection which you can read here. The Core Collection focuses on MUST-have face brushes whereas The Starter Set focuses on eye brushes … so lets get straight into it 


Heres a photo of the set from my Instagram (which you should totaaaally follow) how pretty are these brushes though, whats even better is that each individual brush has its name/purpose written on it, which I find super helpful & I’m sure make-up newbies would love! If you haven’t heard of Real Techniques you must be living under a rock (no offence intended) but its such a affordable high street brand that you’re really missing out if you’ve not tried their products! They’re probably most famous for their Miracle Complexion sponge… thats right, the orange one. The brushes are of such amazing quality & SO soft due to the “Ultra-Plush Bristles” used.


Left – to – Right the set includes these brushes:

  1. Deluxe crease brush – I love how big & fluffy it is, its so great for blending out the crease & creating that soft contoured look 
  2. Base shadow brush – This is possibly my least favourite of the set?  I feel like its not the best at picking up shadow & you really have to pack it on
  3. Brow brush – I LOVE this brush  its so amazing for carving out the brows & I pair it with my favourite brow product ( click to read all about it)
  4. Accent brush – Another FAVOURITE of mine, this is the #1 brush for me when it comes to carving out my brows using concealer, btw if you wanna know what my FAVOURITE concealer is have a read of this. I find that this brush also works amazing for carving out a crease, cause its such a small, delicate & completely straight brush. You can’t go wrong when you’re using it tbh 
  5. Fine liner brush – I have to say I didnt use this brush for the longest time because I don’t use those liner pots, I use liquid liners instead (hmmm  maybe I should do a review on my favourite liner? Let me know in the comments ). However recently when I tried my FIRST ever ever ever EVER cut crease (a 1/2 cut crease to be exact) I found that this lil brush came in so handy & I fell in love!


I can’t remember how much I bought these for, but I know I’ve definitely seen those huge sets of 24pc brushes retailing for cheaper than this one BUT guys don’t do that to yourselves  & don’t do that to your wallets!  QUALITY OVER QUANTITY all day everyday. The Core Collection was my FIRST ever set of brushes & this being the 2nd one so just think about how long they’ve lasted & also how well they’ve lasted. If you wanna know how I wash my brushes I’ll have a post coming up soon  but if you wanna know WHAT I use to wash them have a read of this post (you’ll be surprised )


Another set of great brushes from Real Techniques, head over to this post to see which one is my favourite! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below & follow me for more! \