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DIY: Room Makeover – Painting & Ripping carpet

Hey guys 👋 welcome to the 3rd blogpost as part of my DIY series 🔨 I thought it’ll be much easier to read & follow these if I divide them up into weekly posts 🗓 rather than writing a 10,000 word post with 60 odd pictures 😅. This way they won’t get too long & hopefully no one will … Continue reading DIY: Room Makeover – Painting & Ripping carpet

Chewing gum without the chemicals

Hey guys 👋 a little while ago I was kindly contacted by Chewsy, a new brand of chewing gum. I was immediately intrigued as there was a time I really loved chewing gum & wouldn't be found without a pack in my bag 👜 know them high school days 😅 but somehow that love faded & … Continue reading Chewing gum without the chemicals

25 things I CANT stand 😤

Hey guys 👋 I'm back again with another blogpost woohoo 💃 I'm like on a blogging roll atm & I hope it doesn't end haha 😅 Today's post is gonna be slightly different to my usual beauty post as I'm gonna be talking all about my pet peeves... things I just absolutely cannot stand. That being said I'm … Continue reading 25 things I CANT stand 😤

23 things I learned in 23 years

Hey guys 👋 I hope you're having a lovely week so far, its nearly friday so hang in there! 😅 ...Not too long ago I turned 23 🎈 & I ran a Twitter poll asking you guys whether I should do a "23 things I learned in 23 years" post & I received a decent amount of responses … Continue reading 23 things I learned in 23 years

Award: The Liebster #5

Hey guys 👋 how are we all today? I'm currently listening to Zayn - Still got time ft PartyNextDoor 🎵 I must say its really growing on me! I didn't actually think I'd like it as much but its just got such a summertime vibe to it doesn't it? ☀️ Todays post is about my Liebster … Continue reading Award: The Liebster #5

TAG: This time next year 🗓

Hey guys 👋 I'm so excited to do a TAG post, its been a while since I did one! I got tagged by Chelsea she's so friendly & always posts the best photos 📸 on my timeline! We actually started speaking in a Twitter chat 🐦 - btw for those of you who don't know Twitter chats are … Continue reading TAG: This time next year 🗓

I’m on Twitter!

Hey everyone 👋 I have some exciting news for you guys! ...I joined Twitter! 🐦 - even though I have no idea how to actually use it, as I've never had a Twitter account before, do come show me some love please! 💕 I'm sure I'll get the hang of it ASAP. My Twitter handle … Continue reading I’m on Twitter!


Hey guys 👋 February has been the most exciting month 🗓 my blog has had! Just a day or two after reaching 500 likes 😱 I reached a 100 followers! 😱 Check out that link 👈 to see which 5 blogs I chose for my readers to check out! They post a range of things from beauty … Continue reading 100 followers 😍


Hey guys 👋 its me again 😅 this isn't a scheduled post but I just got a notification saying I've received 500 likes on my blog! 😱 WOW! Thats so crazy, I am so happy & so thankful to everyone that has taken the time to read my posts & like them, honestly guys so … Continue reading 500 likes 😱

One month down ✓ 11 to go

Hey guys!👋 I know I'm a couple days late with this one but I've had other posts scheduled so this one got delayed a bit! I swear I'm gonna work on my organisation 😅 but guys I can't believe its February already! 🗓 I am so excited to see what this month has to offer 😋 … Continue reading One month down ✓ 11 to go