The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey guys did the title give away what todays post is about I wanna say a huge thank you to Hollie’s Blog for my FIRST ever Mystery Blogger award & I also wanna say sorry for doing it SO bloody late I check my notifications when I get tagged in award/tag posts & then I seem to forget! I blame the cheeky monkeys running around my house all day for making me forget things but how exciting & mysterious does the tag sound though? I’m so ready for it btw talking about mysterious things what do y’all think of my Twitter name for the spooky month of October ? Let me know!



I’m 23 

I currently have 10 piercings (& I need more) 

I was born in The Netherlands 


If you could only keep 1 makeup item what would it be & why? 

Oh this is a toughie… hmm  I think it would be my favourite mascara, cause I would feel comfortable enough with bare skin seeing as I’m still allowed to use skincare items (according to this question) but then my eyelashes would feel too bare & almost lost within my face, as there is no “skincare” item I could apply to make them long, curly & volume-ous (is that a word?)

What inspires you to blog?

In ALL honesty, aside from the fact I enjoy blogging & being part of the blogosphere  The thing that really INSPIRES me to blog is the fact that it allows you to create a platform that is 100% you. Blogging is just an everyday learning sort of thing & it really sort of makes me feel empowered  It’s like given meaning to my days, from the moment I wake up, till I go sleep I’m constantly in blogger mode (in some sort of way)  I don’t know how to explain it really, but the way blogging helps people physically, mentally, financially. ALL of it inspires me to create such a personal platform for MYSELF 

Do you have any interest other than blogging?

This is such an “interview” style question that just leaves my mind blank… I guess it means like what I like doing?  I like sightseeing, being near the seaside , walking around aimlessly in department stores, taking in the whole world tbh. The energy/vibrations from the world are what excite me on a daily & I often find myself just staring into nothingness ? I’ve also recently been REALLY into reading  & worked my way through “Last Seen Alive by Claire Douglas” for which I did an Instagram poll & received a pretty good response 

So expect a Book review coming shortly 

Whats your favourite time of the year? 

It has to be Winter ? (yeah I think I love winter even more than I love autumn, am I still a blogger? ) Nah for real though I LOVE autumn – the cosy nights with blankets & hot chocolates… but winter is ALL of that + cities decorated in fairy lights, winter wonderland & CHRISTMAS MARKETS. I love the whole vibe & atmosphere  but I guess Winter doesn’t really have Halloween  & I do love Halloween hmmm 

Do you eat with your fork in the left hand or right hand?

 I eat with my fork in the right hand & knife in the left hand.


It has to be  If I could only use 5 makeup items I’m SO incredibly shocked, proud & thankful to everyone that has taken the time to read, comment & even view that post cause its been The Typical Beauty Blog’s MOST liked & MOST viewed post so thank you guys for that! Here’s a sneak peak of some of the products I mention in my EASY, everyday simple 5-step makeup routine 

P.S thats also my FAVOURITE foundation brush & you can read all about it here …you know you want to?


  1. If you could spend one day in someone else’s shoes who would it be & why?
  2. Do you have any food combinations that you LOVE but everyone you tell looks at you in a disgusting way? 
  3. What was your favourite subject at school?
  4. Whats the worst pick-up line ever been used on you/you used on someone?
  5. How do you cure your hiccups?

Looking forward to reading all your answers guys! Please make sure to tag me in your post so I can know when you’ve done them! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post… If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below  & follow me for more!