The Ultimate Body Shop Wishlist

Hey guys I was having a look on The Body Shop website & as usual they have so many fantastic offers & deals going on. I’m not sure if its still happening right now but they were doing a £25 off when you spend £50 WITH free delivery I mean how AMAZING is that?! For a Body Shop lover like me thats just heavenly so I had to have a look through all the products, once I had numerous tabs open I just knew I might as well make a list & share them with everyone so have fun scrolling 

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Milky Toner
British Rose Petal-Soft Gel Toner

Aloe Calming Toner

Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner
Aloe Soothing Night Cream

Oils Of Life™ Sleeping Cream

Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Drops of Light™ Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel

Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel

Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

Facial Massager


Now, this goes without saying but I might as well say it, I KNOW I don’t need all of these products  & I definitely don’t need them all at the same time seeing as they’re for completely opposing skin conditions such as needing to balance oil to needing to hydrate BUT BUT BUT as a massive beauty hoarder I would feel much more satisfied to have these items stacked away in my shelves & cabinets rather than in store 


If I’m perfectly honest the only reason I want the rose toner is because I really wanna know what it smells like  hides face in shame *dont judge me*. The other products such as the aloe toner, cleanser & mask would come in very handy to have at all times  as sometimes my skin reacts badly to something & knowing I have the most soothing ingredient on hand is reassuring! Also my skin needs are CONSTANTLY changing, its an everyday battle guys  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post… If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below  & follow me for more!  Thankyou